It’s Christmas time

Hello dear friends. 
Today I will share with you a poem written by me in a very difficult form:blitz poem.

It’s Christmas time, the most beautiful holiday

It is time for carols, it is time for play.

Play of snowflakes, here and there

Play of the children from everywhere

Everywhere Santa is sharing toys

Everywhere Santa is sharing joys

Joys and happiness

Joys and soul peace.

Peace from above, heavenly one

Peace brought to us by Jesus, the Son

Son of God and  Son of Man

Son born in Betheleem according to a plan

Plan of salvation,plan full of grace

Plan performed here,in this very place

Place visited by shepherds and by angels

Place visited by Magi, the eastern strangers

Strangers in the world, aliens on the Earth

Strangers are we all like Jesus at His birth.

Birth and life, death and ressurection

Birth and Ascension are proves of God’s affection.

Affection for the whole human race

Affection mixed with charming divin grace.

Grace, mercy and peace from Jesus our Savior

Grace, saved by grace from our bad behavior

Behavior and sinful nature

Behavior typical to human creature.

Creature with inclinations to scrimmage

Creature made by God in His own image

Image full of beauty, image of perfection

Image received by man at Creation

Creation , rebelion then Abel’s blood

Creation followed by a world flood.

Flood and destruction, olive branch and dove

Flood and eight souls saved by God’s love.

Love, sacrifice and fully paid bill

Love  revealed completely on Calvary Hill

Hill of the Skul, the place where Jesus died

Hill of the pain where Christ was crucified.

Crucified by Romans in the past

Crucified for our sins at last.

Last but not least for the sinners who were in  danger

Last but not least  Jesus, the baby was born in a manger

Manger, a poor stable in a building wing

Manger, only a manger for our beloved King?

King of kings and Lord of lords

King is the Word in the world of the words.

Words of gratitude for Chrismas days

Words of forgiveness and bright sun rays.



Now , after reading this poem please answer at the following questions:

1.Who is the main character of Christmas holiday in your opinion?Why?

2.If you were one of the inhabitants of the old Betheleem, would you receive Jesus’ parents in your house? Why yes, why not?

3.Do you think that Jesus’ birth is a reality or is a mith?


Este un fapt bine cunoscut că Leonardo da Vinci a pictat tabloul care reprezintă ultima cină cu Isus și apostolii, numit „Cina cea de taină”.
Marele pictor s-a confruntat cu următoare problemă: trebuia să-l picteze pe Isus și avea nevoie de un tânăr pentru a-i servi ca model. A căutat mult până ce a găsit un tânăr chipeș ,cu trăsături nobile. După ce l-a pictat pe Isus ,tânărul a plecat si nu l-a mai văzut niciodată. Au trecut câțiva ani,în timpul cărora Leonardo a pictat celelalte personaje ale tabloului. Acum urma să îl picteze pe Iuda. Ii trebuia un om cu aspect crud, care să reprezinte semnele răutății si a decadenței. În final, a găsit pe un om potrivit. L – a adus în atelierul său și a început să picteze. Deodată, a văzut că omul din fața lui plângea. L -a întrebat care este motivul iar acesta a răspuns:
– Știți, eu sunt tânărul care cu ani în urmă am pozat pentru ca dumnevoastră să-l pictați pe Isus, iar acum vă serviți de mine pentru a-l picta pe Iuda.

Iubite cititor,acest fapt ilustrează dramatic nefasta transformare pe care o produce în ființa umană păcatul sau o viață plină de vicii. Păcatul te poate aduce până la cel mai jos nivel al condiției umane. De aceea,ar trebui ca zilnic să eviți păcatul si sa dorești să trăiești ca Isus.

Și nu uita: pe cine reprezinți în viața ta de zi cu zi? Pe Isus sau pe Iuda?


It is a well known fact that Leonardo da Vinci painted the picture named the Last Supper .Jesus and the apostles are sitting around a big table to serve their last supper before Jesus’ crucifiction.
The great painter was faced with the following problem: he had to paint Jesus and needed a young man to serve him as a model for Jesus. He searched long to find a handsome young man with noble traits. After Leonardo painted Jesus, the young man left and did not see him anymore.Several years have passed, during which Leonardo painted all disciples. Now , Leonardo was to paint Judas.He had need a cruel-looking man, representing the signs of wickedness and decadence. Finally, he found a suitable man. The painter brought him in his studio and began painting. Suddenly, he saw the man in front of him weeping. Leonardo da Vinci asked him the reason and he replied:
– You know, I’m the young man who years ago I posed for you to paint Jesus and now you use me to paint Judas.

Dear reader, this illustrates dramatically fateful transformation that occurs in the human being , as a result of a life full of sin or a life of vice. The sin can bring anyone to the lowest level of the human condition. Therefore,you should avoid the sin and want to live like Jesus every day.

And remember :whom do you represent in your daily life, Jesus or Judas?